More About the Quality of Our Products

Certified manufacturers

Before we produce our Dedoles pieces, we find out detailed information about our potential manufacturers. We ask them to provide all necessary valid environmental and ethical certificates, as well as the check of the factory itself. After adding the manufacturer to our list, our inspectors also monitor, for example, the cleanliness of the factory. Our quality controllers can also say whether the factory has a sufficient number of machines at the capacity we ordered. They count the machines and thus calculate whether the manufacturer is exaggerating and passing our orders on to other factories. If the manufacturer does not pass our strict selection procedure, or if they no longer meet the conditions after some time, they are removed from our list of suppliers.
We also require Amfori BSCI or SEDEX certification from our suppliers, which guarantees good working conditions, respect for human rights, environmental protection, and abiding by all legislative standards and regulations.

How does our quality control process work?

After checking the manufacturer, we determine the exact technical specifications of the product. Subsequently, the manufacturer will supply us with samples. Our colleagues from the product department test the samples by wearing and washing. The product will go to the production stage only after the pre-production inspection of the samples is fully completed, and we are 100% satisfied with it. In the production phase, we continue with random inspections. In one year, our manufacturers pass about 130 such inspections (depending on the number of pieces produced). In addition, we check the products upon receipt at our warehouse. An average of 16 million pieces of clothing a year pass through the hands of our controllers.

Differences in materials = differences in quality

In addition to the obvious points of quality control, we must also take into account the materials from which our products are made. Our product lines vary in materials used. We also distinguish the method of production – weaving or knitting. For example, woven cotton yarns need to have a higher level of twist, which significantly increases their firmness as well as the durability of the product itself, even though the fabric might initially feel harder to the touch. In addition to the natural elasticity caused by knitting, knitted products also have higher elasticity thanks to the admixture of elastane, which makes them even more flexible. Products made of 100% cotton are woven, not knitted, so they are not as elastic and feel harder to the touch. It is a price paid for the effort to increase the durability of the product.

Proper care is the foundation of a product's durability

For proper care of Dedoles products, visit the page dedicated to product care. The prescribed care symbols on the label of each product must be observed. Most products must be washed at a maximum temperature of 40 °C and cannot be tumble-dried. If drying is permitted, the maximum temperature is 40 °C. Occasionally, people wash or dry the products at higher temperatures, resulting in more intense shrinkage of the polyamide yarns and the formation of lint on the fabric.

Collecting feedback from customers who have purchased the product

Our eyes do not close as soon as the customer buys the goods – quite the contrary. We invest a lot of money in surveys focused on satisfaction with our online store and the quality of our products. We are interested in the customer's opinion about the quality they have paid for. These surveys are conducted by an independent external survey agency on a quarterly basis. Afterwards, our colleagues at the product and quality departments continue to work with the collected data. According to this data, we subsequently adjust the technical specifications of our Dedoles products.

Dedoles is full of colourful pieces with all kinds of original motifs that will totally brighten up your day.

At present, we bring joy to 15 countries and we have already made more than 3 millions customers happy. Together with our amazing customers, we support human diversity and environmental protection. Want to know more?

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